SLAKE : Supporting the sharing of science between the US and Sri Lanka
To provide scientific, evidence-based solutions to socio-economic problems in Sri Lanka
SLAKE Information session held in Colombo, Sri Lanka
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SLAKE Spotlight

SLAKE will be featuring exemplary work from the U.S. and Sri Lanka that relates to the SLAKE mission.

Connections made through SLAKE

Did you see a project you were interested in on a SLAKE site or in the newsletter? This article describes SLAKE’s process so far and how SLAKE can put you in contact with the project’s leader so you can share your expertise, feedback, support, or learn more about their work.

Who We Are

SLAKE is a nonprofit organization founded in 2018 to facilitate scientific and educational collaborations between the US and Sri Lanka.

Our Mission

To facilitate the bidirectional flow of knowledge between the U.S. and Sri Lanka, with the focus on scientific knowledge that can help address Sri Lanka's socio-economic challenges. We will do this by serving as a connecting hub that harnesses the potential of graduate students and young professionals in the U.S. and connecting them with students, research teams and community organizations in Sri Lanka.

Our Vision

Our vision is to mitigate the impact of brain drain in Sri Lanka by providing an opportunity to Sri Lankans (not limited to) living abroad to contribute and collaborate with students, research team, organizations in Sri Lanka.


Scientific solidarity and global knowledge sharing are necessary to address and resolve our most pressing socio-economic challenges. While the U.S. has a thriving scientific community and research environment, opportunities for global collaboration and sharing of new knowledge should be improved. On the other hand, countries such as Sri Lanka have lost significant portions of their scientific communities in recent years as many aspiring scholars seek opportunities in countries such as the U.S. where they advance professionally but lack avenues to use their skills to advance science in Sri Lanka.

Value Statement

SLAKE is committed to facilitating the transfer of knowledge between the United States and Sri Lanka. We undertake topics and projects that have academic and scientific importance. Our work is not aligned with any political, ethnic, religious, business, or other interest. We hope you will join us as we support scientific solidarity between the States and Sri Lanka.