Connecting the U.S. and Sri Lanka to Combat COVID-19: How it Works

Did you see a project you were interested in on a SLAKE site or in the newsletter? This article describes SLAKE’s process so far and how SLAKE can put you in contact with the project’s leader so you can share your expertise, feedback, support, or learn more about their work. 

  1. SLAKE sent out a call for COVID-19-related projects

In the SLAKE newsletter and on SLAKE sites, SLAKE posted an interest form that anyone in the U.S. or Sri Lanka working on a COVID-19 related project could complete if they were interested in connecting with people in the U.S. or Sri Lanka with shared interest. When project leaders completed the form, SLAKE contacted them to learn a little more about their work. 

  1. SLAKE shared information about the projects with its network

With the project leader’s permission, SLAKE wrote a brief description of each project and posted the descriptions on social media, on the SLAKE website, and in the newsletter. This gives projects exposure to people in the U.S., Sri Lanka, and elsewhere to see who is interested in learning more about their work and supporting. 

  1. People interested in connecting submit a Connection Request

Anyone interested in potentially supporting one of the projects and wants to be introduced to the project leader can complete the SLAKE Connection Request Form. Anyone who can possibly offer expertise, mentorship, a critique, or other assistance is welcome to request a connection. Those who are generally interested in the project (especially students and young professionals) are also welcome to request a connection! 

  1. SLAKE introduces you by e-mail to the project leader

After receiving the SLAKE Connection Request Form and getting permission to share a person’s name, e-mail, and other information in the form, SLAKE will introduce the interested person to the project leader by e-mail. SLAKE will only share information on the SLAKE Connection Request Form with the project leader.  

Want to share helpful information with a project but do not want to share your contact information? The SLAKE Feedback Form can be completed anonymously. In the comments section, write the message you want us to give to the project team and list any resources you want to share. SLAKE will share this information with the project team to help them without ever seeing your name.

  1. Knowledge sharing, collaboration, innovation, and more!

After SLAKE introduces you to the project leader, it is up to you and the project team to decide how you want to engage. If you just want to provide one time feedback, that is perfectly fine and greatly appreciated. If you think your professional interests align and it’s a terrific match, consider working together. SLAKE only facilitates the connection; it is the individual’s responsibility to determine whether they feel the project is credible and reputable before entering into any commitments. 

SLAKE encourages the sharing of knowledge and international collaboration. We hope these connections help lead to innovations and solutions that address STEM-M related challenges! If you continue working together, please share your success story with SLAKE so we can celebrate your connection!