U.S. Virtual Information Session

The virtual information session targeting students and young professionals in the US was held on the 26th April, 2020. The information session was conducted by the SLAKE co-founders, Rishvi Jayathilake and Nimasha Fernando with the participation of many graduate students, undergraduate students and a couple of faculty members.  First, a brief introduction to SLAKE was given including SLAKE’s mission, vision and how much progress SLAKE had made so far, which was then followed by a discussion session. We were thrilled to talk with attendees of Sri Lankan origin and heritage from fields ranging from computer science to chemistry to epidemiology. Ideas discussed included a webinar/lecture series with presentations from the U.S. and Sri Lanka, SLAKE leadership positions, and how those in the U.S. can engage with SLAKE.  Thank you to everyone who attended our first U.S. virtual information session. Please  refer to our volunteer page to know how you can be part of SLAKE going forward. 

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